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Living With Soul Vols I and II
by Tony Stubbs
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My Name Is Esther Clara
by Laurel Johnson
Political Books An authentic account of 20th Century rural America audio- and videotaped by Esther Clara before her death in 1989 and adeptly reconstituted by her granddaughter, Laurel Johnson.
banned Books
The Arbuckle Treasure Hunt - Book Two in the "Waaaay Out There" Series
by Tuklo Nashoba
Unfettered FictionIn the Paul Bunyan-Bigfoot- Sasquatch tradition, Tuklo Nashoba’s characters are all larger than life, but believable…Sometimes you see the serious side, sometimes you roll with laughter! Number Two in the “Waaaay Out There!” series published by Dandelion Books.
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Taboo: A Memoir
by Tom Hathaway
Political BooksA brave and honest exploration of the primal lust of our psyches, Taboo points the way to a new sexual frontier. Women who want to know what men really want must read this erotic rhapsody.
Uncensored Books
Tracking Deception
by William A. Cook
Banned BooksDeceit is the Devil that destroys Democracy and, like a corrosive acid, it is destroying America. The Bush administration, driven by the twin horses of the Apocalypse, the Evangelical Christian Zionists and the Neo-Con Zealots, pulls America ever closer to the brink of disaster by wielding whips of righteous prophecy and self-serving lies.
Unfettered Books
Living With Soul
by Tony Stubbs
Controversial BooksAuthor of The Ascension Handbook, Vol. I, in a 2-volume series. Who are we? Where did come from—and why are we here? A complete compendium of spirituality by one of the great teachers and masters of our age.
Uncensored Fiction
Hypnosis: Medicine of the Mind
by Michael D. Preston, J.D. PhD
Good BooksKnown as the “Miracle Doctor,” Dr. Preston demonstrates his expertise as a hypnotherapist after years of personal experience and field research, using precise language and script-style format in a book that is both user-friendly and comprehensive...
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Banned Books

Unfettered Fiction

Please read and answer the following questions. Submit 1-6 with this online form. Type or paste in 7-10. You may also fax or post this information (see fax and postal contact below).
Uncensored Fiction
1. What is this book about?
2. Why did you write it?
3. What does this book mean to you?
4. What do you think it would mean to your readers?
5. Who are your readers - Who is your target market?
6. How would you help to promote the book?
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7. Please write a brief synopsis or overview of the book (2-5 pages)
8. Please send a brief outline of each chapter.
9. Please send two sample chapters.
10. Please send your bio or resume.

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Authors are their own best promoters, and a sharp, organized media kit is a must. A complete media kit will include a full range of promotion materials for TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, Internet and live appearances, reviews and interviews.

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